Main Event, 8-11pm ($10 suggested donation)

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The Place: The Takk House

55 3rd St, Troy, NY 12180

The Music: DJ Cheffy Effy & The Fattest Man

On one faithful stormy Friday morning, the mothership touched down. Aboard were two soul brothers from another mother, Cheffy Effy and the FatMan. Upon overhearing one another’s headsets bumping the deepest funk and soul cuts, the two immediately recognized their kindred spirits and the alliance was born. They traded walkmans and feasted on the 60’s/70’s finest singles, but it wasn’t long before their bellies began to grumble from their constant grooving. Without hesitation, CheffyEffy unleashed a grill from his cargo and whipped up a plethora of tender morsels for them to rip on. “Oh yeah, money, I can dig it,” said the FatMan, and so birthed the Soul Kitchen.

The Food: Slidin’ Dirty

In March of 2012, Slidin’ Dirty brought the gourmet food truck craze to the Capital Region of New York. Owned and operated by Tim and Brooke Taney, Slidin’ Dirty puts its unique spin on street food with a variety of gourmet sliders and appetizers. “Gourmet?” you say? We’re talking about Prosciutto Caprese sliders with fresh mozzarella, pesto, and a balsamic reduction with your choice of meat or served up vegetarian-style.

Food is provided a la carte, and is not included in ticket price.

Late Night, 11pm-2am ($15)

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50 Franklin St, Troy, NY 12180

The Band: Wurliday

Franklin Alley Social Club will have a tater tots bar with an array of tasty sauces.

Tots Bar is included in the ticket price.



Main Event, 8-11:30pm ($20)

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75 Livingston Ave, Albany, NY 12207

The Music: Sam Kininger

The DJ: Intell Hayesfield

Intell Hayesfield is the DJ alias of creative director and multimedia artist, Jamel Mosely. Intell’s diverse music styling is the product of his large musically-inclined family and his experiences traveling as a filmmaker and photographer across the globe. Intell Hayesfield is interested in telling stories through his DJ style; paying homage to the past while connecting it to some of today’s most popular music, while weaving in lesser-known tracks that make sense in the overall tapestry of the event.

The Food: Primo Botanica

Primo Botanica Chocolate Makers are the Capital Region’s first single origin bean to bar chocolate company. Careful sourcing and careful home-roasting of cacao is the secret to what makes Primo, well.. Primo! On the 29th at Albany Distilling Company, they will be featuring their newest bar and pairing it with ADC’s locally produced spirits. We expect it pair quite perfectly with your excellent spirit.

Primo’s newest bar and 3-Packs of the single-origin signature series will be available for sale.

Late Night, 11:30pm-4am ($15)

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The Place: Lost & Found

942 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207

The Food: Lost & Found

Lost & Found will have a full menu for you to enjoy.

Food is provided a la carte, and is not included in ticket price.


Afternoon Event, 2-5pm 1-5pm ($10 suggested donation)

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488 Broadway, Suite 107, Albany, NY 12207

The Music: DJ Tall Ass Matt

Matthew Wagner or as he is more professionally known “DJ Tall Ass Matt” has been piloting party planes in the capital district for the better part of 7 years. While it may be considered a “Shtick” Matt has completely embraced the old school art form by only playing and selecting from his ample vinyl collection. Whether it’s hosting his monthly dance party “Body Shine”, playing on the Hudson Valley’s WGXC radio station, and spinning wax poolside at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge… He is sure to have a record for every moment.

DJ Tall Ass Matt threw down an all-vinyl Sunday last year as we said goodbye to all the wonderful SAUCEsters. It was so great, we asked him to do it again. You really don’t want to hit the road before you catch his set. There’ll be plenty of food and coffee nearby to keep you going.

The Food: Frida Foberg

Frida Foberg is gaining renown in the Albany area for her amazing food installations. At SAUCE 2017 she prepared over 20 sauces that were strung from the ceiling with elastic cord. Attendees could grab a piece of bread or pepper hanging from the wall nearby, and add their favorite sauce (or combination of sauces). It was a true delight, and we’re excited to see what she has in store for us this year.

Frida’s creations will be included in your ticket price.

The Dessert: Ben & Jerry’s

You know what Ben & Jerry’s is, right?

Sadly, the ice cream is not included in your ticket price.